Antonio L. Alfeo * (2nd year)

Advisors: Gigliola Vaglini, Mario Cimino

Topics: Development of architectural models for stigmergy-based processing that can be integrated at both the micro-level and the application level to sense, measure, reinforce dynamics of personal and social processes occurring in cyber-physical environments

Marco Barsacchi * (2nd year)

Advisors: Gigliola Vaglini, Beatrice Lazzerini, Alessio Bechini

Topics: Advanced analysis techniques for (massive) bioinformatics data and related supporting frameworks, modeling approaches and algorithms for the investigation of complex biomolecular systems

Alessandro Betti (1st year)

Advisor: Marco Gori


Marco Biagi * (2nd year)

Advisor: Enrico Vicario

Topics: Solution techniques for concurrent models with stochastic durations; stochastic models @ runtime for on-line diagnosis, prediction and action scheduling

Jin Bo (1st year)

Advisors: Giuseppe Jurman, Cesare Furlanello


Samuele Capobianco * (1st year)

Advisor: Simone Marinai


Alessandro Daniele (1st year)

Advisor: Luciano Serafini


Niccolò Iardella * (2nd year)

Advisor: Giovanni Stea

Topics: Design and performance evaluation of smart algorithms for 5G cellular networks; virtualization of cellular nodes; energy efficiency in wireless networks

Abdullah Khan (1st year)

Advisors: Beatrice Lazzerini, Luciano Serafini


Vincenzo Laveglia (2nd year)

Advisor: Edmondo Trentin

Topics: Developing pattern recognition techniques for big data; machine learning for density estimation and for discovering hidden dependencies

Tommaso Levato (1st year)

Advisor: Marco Sciandrone

Topics: Sparse optimization for machine learning

Giuseppe Marra * (1st year)

Advisor: Marco Gori


Stefano Martina (1st year)

Advisors: Paolo Frasconi, Enrico Vicario

Topics: Machine learning in healthcare

Tommaso Papini (1st year)

Advisor: Enrico Vicario


Carlo Puliafito * (1st year)

Advisors: Giuseppe Anastasi, Enzo Mingozzi


Marco Rasori * (1st year)

Advisor: Gianluca Dini

Topics: Design and performance evaluation of cybersecurity solutions for smart cyber-physical systems; using drones for efficient location-based security operations; secure networking and applications

Alessandro Tibo * (2nd year)

Advisor: Paolo Frasconi

Topics: Constructive machine learning; neuroinformatics; relational learning

Dario Zanca (2nd year)

Advisor: Marco Gori

Topics: Computational laws of vision

*Pegaso fellows